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Price and Ordering

Library Pricing/Ordering

Download and complete our order form and submit by email/fax.

  1. Home School / Individual  / Single Teacher License  - Complete Library - 1 year -  (Limited to 1 device)   $49.95  (PayPal Button)

  2. Single Class/Lab License (30 devices) - Complete Library - 1 year - $200.00   That's less than the cost of a single tablet device! (Fax/email order form)

  3. Single School Limited License (base of 100 devices) - Complete Library - 1 year - $400.00. You save 33% off of our $599 regular price...  -    That's less than the cost of a single tablet device! (Fax/email order form)

  4.  District/Statewide pricing - Contact us for pricing.  

    Individual VFTs are available on the a la carte pricing page.

*Libraries include all virtual field trips in place at the time of purchase PLUS any new virtual field trips added to the library during the subscription period (at no extra charge).

All subscriptions are for a period of one year. Each subscription is licensed to the individual school that made the purchase. Log in information is not to be shared with any other school or individuals – repeated violations of this licensing provision may result in the revocation of the license. 

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 Download our order form here.


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