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About Educate360 Virtual Field Trips

The genesis of EducateVia360:

As a photographer I have always enjoyed discovering new techniques. I became fascinated with 360 degree photography and learned the skills needed to create them for myself. I've used these skills in the real estate and commercial marketplace but in my heart I knew that there was "something better" to which this technique could be applied.

One morning my wife and I were watching the news and saw a report about how budget cuts were impacting schools. It saddened me to hear that the first things to be cut were field trips. (As I student I remembered that field trips were the places that excited me most about learning.) That was my "Eureka!" moment and the birth of EducateVia360, Inc.

With the lack of field trips and the increase in the use of technology in schools my hope is that we can at least give students a chance to visit these sites virtually. My goal is to have hundreds of these field trips in our library so that students can explore and discover them on their own.

You have the technology and I hope to provide you with great, interactive content. There is a whole world out there waiting to be seen by your students. Help me to take them there.

-Woody Howard, creator of EducateVia360, Inc.

About our product:

• Works beautifully on both Flash and HTML5 devices 

• Each tour contains interesting and important facts

• Every fact box offers narration, assisting the development of reading skills

• Printable online quizzes are instantly graded, with correct answers revealed

• Each tour will contain web links to additional resources to aid in lesson preparation

• Interactive, self-directed tours allow students to explore and learn at their own pace

• Immersive 360° photography allows students to experience these locations as if they were there

• Available on every school computer - 24/7/365

• Saves money vs. traditional field trips, and eliminates travel liabilities

• Students can explore sites that interest them, in addition to sites covered in the classroom


In an essay on the Pearson Prentice Hall website - - Dr. Scott M. Mandel discusses-


In today's cyberage, the Internet can extend the educational value of field trips to levels previously unimaginable. Virtual field trips—field trips taken online—can take a student to locations too far away to travel to or too expensive to visit. Virtual field trips can take a student back in time, into outer space, or into the microscopic world.

A virtual field trip, if done correctly and in an educationally sound fashion, can provide many of the identical cognitive and affective gains that an actual real-life field trip can provide. (See Buettner, 1996, and Goldsworthy, 1997, for accounts of how students incorporated the Internet into their classroom field trip experiences.) The trick is to give the activity the same care and credibility as one would give to a real-life curricular excursion. Simply going to an interesting Web site would not constitute a curricular field trip in and of itself, just as an off-campus excursion to an amusement park would have limited curricular value (although there have been teachers who have attempted to justify a trip to an amusement park as a study of the gravitational forces exerted on the human body through the experience of a roller coaster ride).

If a virtual field trip is conducted in the same meticulous fashion as a real-life field trip, students should be able to acquire the same cognitive and affective gains that previous research has found. When this is possible, an entirely new world of experiences will be opened to all students regardless of the school field trip budget, as they can all experience firsthand the potential of the Internet as a valid curricular device.


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