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EducateVia360 - Virtual Field Trips for Schools

JUST RELEASED! - DC National Mall / Monuments


DC Mall Monuments


Looking for great virtual field trips for your classroom or school? Then you found the right website!

We have created a library of 20 educational virtual field trips (VFTs) from historical and interesting sites from around NC, SC and DC. Our interactive virtual field trips, based on 360° photography,  incorporate fact boxes, narration, videos, still photography, vocabulary and simple math problems. We will be adding more destinations in the near future.

Allow your students to see where history was made and explore these important sites.

Walk through the ruins of Fort Sumter the site of the first shots of the Civil War. See the land where Orville and Wilbur Wright launched aviation history. Walk through one of the mines of the "original" US Gold Rush - Reed Gold Mine. And tour the Battleship USS NC in a new and exciting way. It is all here waiting to be discovered.

Our Virtual Field Trips are viewable on almost any device.

Our HTML5 web-based tours are perfect for group viewing on an interactive white board in the classroom, or for use by individual students on their personal computers / tablets.

Available to you and your students at any time our interactive and feature rich VFTs encourage exploration and learning.

These virtual field trips are a great way to see these sites if you can't go there personally and they are also wonderful to use as a preview for an upcoming field trip that you may be taking. Be sure to view the Demo to get samples from each available virtual field trip.

Home School / Individual  / Single Teacher License  - Complete Library/All Field Trips - 1 year -  (Limited to 1 devices)   $49.95  (PayPal Button)

 Go to Pricing to learn more.


Try it for yourself - visit a civil war era fort for FREE ... Click here to visit Fort Macon now.

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View the Demo Field Trip


USA Today - Schools Turning to Virtual Digital Field Trips



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